Sunday, August 12, 2007

More About Socks

Tomorrow is back-to-school day for my daughter and I'm very excited. Although it means that we'll have to get up earlier than God Himself, and since it's a new school she's all fah-clempt about being new, I think that this year is going to be a good one for her.
School also means, new school clothes! This year, no school uniforms!!! Yay! It also means that I can make new clothes for her. She's always been my perfect model but recently she's been more and more un-into what mom makes. Although, these socks seem to be OK so far.

I also make some socks for my step daughter but I underestimated the size of her foot and I couldn't get the darn thing back off. With a sigh, I frogged the sock off her foot and I'll start it over either with more stitches or with a bigger needle.

Here are some pictures of socks I've finished for myself and a scarf I've started for my dad too!

The tan socks are my very first pair and I'm totally n lo9ve with them. I made them on very large needles so they're not super comfortable. They're also made of cotten so they don't stretch very well. Also, I didn't use a stretchy cast-on so the ankle is all floppy; but I couldn't be happier with them. The deep red pair is the first pair of wool socks I've made and those are my complete favorites. With every wash they get softer and softer. I got that yarn from Etsy (Kindred Spirits Yarn) and it's hand dyed!

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