Sunday, October 21, 2007

Update & Back In Business

In other news, I've separated from "The Man" and moved into a very small little place about an hour away. There's barely enough room for myself and the wonder dog's crate. But we're keeping up with our fashion experiments. Unfortunately, the wonderdog tends to be more involved than she'd like to be merely due to proximity.

I hired my mom to take care of the business books and she's gone Etsy nutz. I should have known that Etsy would get under her skin. We now have several shops and are expanding as we speak. Check 'em out!
South Paw Creations
We've got one for grown up clothing, one for kids clothing, one for supplies, and one for all the items that we can't figure out their particular category. Then there's also my daughter's shop and my mom's quilted items too! Really, with Christmas comming up we've got something for everyone. I'm stoked.Since she's been in charge, sales have doubled and we've been in 4, COUNT EM! FOUR, treasurys!
Now I just have to clear off a small space to sew and I'll be able to contribute more. But first things first. HALLOWEEN! and costumes, costumes, to come.

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